RAS ALHAMAM for General Contracting established in 2006 , offering site supervision services .Since then ,in response to market demand RASTEL started adding more solutions and services to its portfolio , including network roll-out services and RF planning and optimization . Technology has become a major part of our lifestyle and our business operations . Having this in mind ,we have built our solutions and services to satisfy enterprises and governmental entities needs in IT ,Physical and Digital security and Telecommunications . We are passionate about cutting-edge technologies and passionate about supporting our customers in adopting most fit into their business operations . RASTEL’s Telecom division office is based in Tripoli ,Libya .However ,we run our operations through other project offices in other main cities ,including Benghazi and Sabha .Our footprint includes most regions in Libya including furthest points in southern regions . We rely on our experience and understanding of market needs along with our partners to adapt and develop solutions and services that fit our customer needs