How do we do this

HOW WE DO IT We offer a Turnkey solution for cellular Site Establishment including multi-vendor Technical integration Services for Active Equipment (Installation & Commission). Our portfolio is built around innovative offerings in application engineering and product development. RASTEL strategy is to ensure that high quality cost efficient solutions are provided from the optimal mix of an International product supplier base to localized in-country entities. This enables our customers to remain responsive to changing market dynamics and maintain their competitiveness. Building itself into a truly regional infrastructure company, RSATL took great steps towards achieving this goal over the past years through significant initiatives in alKkomes , Houn , Ghat , Benghazi , Sabha ,everywhere in the Libyan . RASTEL has a very strong and professional team with over years of experience in the telecommunications arena, which combined with the nominated active infrastructure vendor is able to manage and deliver the entire network build process. We have extensive experience in multiple vendor equipment and deployment track record in both Passive and Active product ranges and are always looking to train our staff on the latest industry equipment to keep up to date with technolog